21st October 2023
@ ICC Belfast (Waterfront Hall)

"Really brought home the strength and diversity of the developer community in Northern Ireland."
"Technical peer-to-peer learning at its finest. No sales pitches, no posturing, just local industry professionals working at the coal face in a huge range of technologies, explaining how they do it. Brimming with realness. You'd be mad to miss it."
"A great experience. Met loads of amazing people, saw very relevant and informative talks. A must go for anyone!"
"A brilliant, information packed day, and an amazing opportunity to network."
"Such a diverse and interesting range of speakers in an environment so open to collaboration and inclusion. Packed full of technical knowledge, presented in a relaxed format welcoming to both the casual hobbyist and the veteran developer."
"High quality talks, countless networking opportunities and a showcase of what NI's developer community are doing. Highly recommended for anyone interested in or working in software development."
"Excellent conference. A great opportunity to meet fellow local devs and learn about current best practices as well as exchanging war stories!"
"One of the most informative conferences of the year, both in presentations and hallway chats. A great day of fun and learning."
"NIDC was such a great day, showcasing a wealth of diverse talent across many areas of industry. It was as fun as it was informative with a really supportive and encouraging atmosphere."