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Get ready for an unforgettable day of learning!

On Friday 20th October we're hosting a selection of technical workshops, featuring cutting-edge, inventive technologies that will ignite your passion for creativity and supercharge your skills.

BattleBots: Build-A-Bot

Running BattleBots at an event is always fun but it gets so much more interesting when people have their own bots in the mix! This workshop will let attendees learn how easy it is to build a bot.

3D modelling - 3D printing - Basic electronics - Soldering - Bot building rules

1pm - 5pm 20th October

Building a Serverless App on the cloud using AWS Amplify

This foundational workshop introduces serverless cloud concepts including authentication, storage, and functions, and is developed and delivered for AWS beginners.

AWS - Serverless - Data & Storage - Mutations & Functions

11am - 3.30pm 20th October

Practical GenAI: Building Large Language Model (LLM) Applications

Lets build some large language model (LLM) applications with LangChain, VectorDBs and Kubernetes!

Python - HuggingFace - LLAMA2 - SentenceTransformers - LangChain - ChromaDB

12 - 5pm 20th October
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