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Past Events

Scroll through history and have a look at the events we’ve hosted in the past. We look forward to creating a truly unforgettable experience for our attendees each and every time.


NIDC 2022

Our biggest year yet! We moved to the ICC Belfast and partied hard, with 541 attendees, 44 speakers, 21 sponsors, 20 volunteers, and largest venue we've ever been in.


NIDC 2021

NIDC Meetup Week helped local meetups make a comeback from the pandemic, and NIDC Social got the whole local developer community together, again, in-person after almost 2 years of only seeing each other in little rectangles on the screen.

NIDC 2020

With the world entering lock-down, the NIDC team reorganized everything and took the conference online, with 457 people joining us live, and 36 families taking part in the stream for kids.


NIDC 2019

Our projector in the atrium was taken over by a recursive Tweet thread, with people taking selfies at it and reposting, reposting, reposting... a lot - it was fun.


NIDC 2018

This year's conference took us to Riddle Hall, Queen's University Belfast, with 372 attendees, 68 speakers, 12 sponsors entirely orchestrated by a small team of 5.


NIDC 2017

It all began in 2017! We started with humble beginnings in the Peter Froggatt Centre, Queen's University Belfast, with 230 attendees, 38 speakers, 8 sponsors + 5 prize sponsors.

Join us at our next Event

NIDC 2023 is happening at the ICC Belfast this October 21st. Tickets are live so grab yours today!

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