Games Design & Rapid Prototyping - Turning a week of dev time into a demoable game

During our time in Northern Ireland Screen’s Pixel Mill games accelerator, we engaged in a rapid prototyping scheme that saw several local game studios make 6 game prototypes each in 6 weeks. My studio secured NI Screen and UK Games Fund funding for further development of one of our prototypes and learned so much from the experience that we continued making at least one prototype per quarter to keep our slate of games current.

I’ll share everything we learned in those six weeks and beyond - rapid prototyping methodology, scoping and designing appealing game mechanics swiftly, testing market viability, and how to leverage your rapid prototype to its maximum potential once it’s complete. I’ll discuss how rapid prototyping helped us build publisher confidence and how we presented our prototype to publishers to open early conversations.

If you’re interested in making games, are a games student or new indie dev who needs to test multiple ideas reliably but quickly, or you’ve been tinkering with a great game idea for a while without producing something demoable, this talk is perfect for you.