#NoEstimates - doing Scrum without Estimates

Estimates have always been an integral part of the software development process. By estimating the amount of time, money, and effort, managers can better predict budgets and meet project goals. At least that’s the theory behind the widespread and often unquestioned use of estimates in the IT industry today.

However, recently we have finally begun to question the efficacy, and even the purpose, of using estimates. Estimates can not only be inaccurate and a waste of time, but they can be downright destructive, by creating an environment of fear where the developer is pressured to estimate outcomes based on what’s desired, not on what’s realistic.

I want to highlight an alternative approach to estimates and story points and showcase the potential benefits that can be gained for the future of software development.

Key Takeaways: accurate estimations are an unrealistic unicorn, Story Points are not the only option for estimating.