Grokking Your Mental Health

Neill Boyd

This talk will involve me opening up about my own experiences with s Bi-polar II Disorder and how it has both helped and hindered me in a long career in the tech space. I will discuss my own experiences in order to help others make sense of anything they may be going through or anyone they know*. The discussion will really be in two parts, my personal experiences followed by how what I have learnt can help companies and individuals. The topics covered will be:

  • My experiences of opening up about my own personal situation in the work place (Both negative and positive)
  • Analysis of how our industry tends to normalise mental health issues
  • What led me to this journey of accepting my mental health
  • How I manage my mental health in a demanding industry
  • What I, as someone who struggles with mental health, expect of a company I’m going to work for.
  • What a company I work for can expect of me.

  • Note - this talk will absolutely in no way offer anything that is in anyway a substitute to actual professional help. Too many people talk about mental health and attempt to “treat” others. This is purely informational and based on my experiences.