Guided Conversation - Junior developers

A Guided Conversation is a meeting where a facilitator comes up with a starting set of questions around a single topic. The group then discuss those questions with 8 minutes given for each question.

During Guided Conversations you introduce the current question and listen for off-topic items. If you think that an off-topic item sounds like something worth discussing, you add it to the list of scheduled questions. Usually it is one of the questions you already have in your deck of cards.

This session is about graduate/junior developers. Sample questions include:

How do you define a junior dev? What can you learn from juniors? How and when do we ask for help? What can we do to build up experience outside of work and how important is it that we do? When are we not junior developers? What are the hardest things about developing an early-stage career? Big cooperate company vs small, start-up company - how do we decide which would be best for us to join?

The session will be for 20 people and last an hour.