What is NIDC?

TL;DR it’s an annual chance for the Northern Irish tech community to get together, learn, make connections and have fun.

A person playing a game with a VR headset A person giving a presentation in a small room watched by an audience Children and parents sitting at tables with laptops learning something A person in the audience of a talk taking notes

What makes it different to other conferences?

As with most conferences, it is based around a core of technical talks, but:

  • It’s for the whole tech community. There’s no bias in terms of technologies, roles or experience - whether you’re a front-end dev, back-end dev, data engineer, product manager, team lead or student, we’ve got stuff for you. Just take a look at last year’s lineup!

  • Everyone’s equal. No speakers get special billing, and we make a point of being a great place for people to give their first talk, with free help from experienced speakers all the way from preparing submissions to practicing the finished talk.

  • It’s inclusive. It’s our goal to provide you with the friendliest, safest environment possible where nobody feels out of place, particularly those from under-represented groups. Even kids are welcome, and free professional childcare is provided all day if you need it.

  • It’s affordable. Even the full-price tickets are a fraction of the cost of most other events, and if it’s still beyond you then we have pay-what-you-can tickets.

  • It’s fun. Everyone’s there to have a good time, and we always have some fun activities if you need a break from the talks.

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